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It's always tough to be sure you've chosen the right speaker. The following steps will help you determine whether Dallas is the right speaker for you.

If your goal from the presentation is one of the following referenced below, then Dallasí presentation will be the one you need.

*You want your people to take appropriate responsibility, approach problems from a positive viewpoint, be more attentive, more assertive and operate in and outside the box to improve performance.

*You want to inspire and motivate your people while providing them with an uplifting, inspiring message with a proven game plan for success.

*You want to energize your sales force and show them that outside pressures including the market and the media canít control their attitude or the outcome of their performance. 

*You need to change the way your people do things and how they see things to respond successfully to the changes that confront them and your organization.

*You want to get the message to your people that it's okay to do things differently if needed ó to depart from the past and excel or to expand upon the past to excel or any combination of the above.

*You want to let your sales force know that fear is not part of the equation but if it creeps in how it can be used as a motivational tool and to light a fire under them.

*If you want your staff to be the ones who are too busy accomplishing goals while others are too busy complaining about things they canít control.

*You want to add an inspiring and entertaining element to your meeting ó but also clearly send the message to your people that rewards donít come without risk, and the organization and all employees will benefit.

*You need your people to tackle challenges head on and employ conflict resolution to be used constructively and to create a more cohesive work force.

If you're still not certain, do one or more of the following:
Discuss your specific needs and concerns with Marlon Ransom (marlon@dallaspage.com) Dallas personal friend and booking agent.