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At Nitro, January 8, The Insiders participated in a Massacre Match against the Natural Born Thrillers. After a beatdown, the Insiders came back with a Diamond Cutter on Palumbo and a powerbomb on O'Haire to win the match.

At Thunder, the Insiders teamed up with General Rection to take on Kronik and the Thrillers. It didn't take long before the rest of the Thrillers hit the ring and they brawled with the Insiders to the back.

At Sin, January 14, the Insiders clashed against Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire. It was a good match, which featured a lot of hot action, but due to the interference from Buff Bagwell and Lex Luger, whom hit Nash with a wrench, O'Haire then hit the Seanton bomb to get the win.

At Thunder, Diamond Dallas Page took on Jeff Jarrett, a good match, but as usual it ended when Ric Flair's clan hit the ring - as Thunder went off the air Page's allies hit the ring.

At Nitro, Diamond Dallas Page took on Lex Luger in a match to determine the referee in a match pitting Nash against Buff Bagwell. After a back and forth match Luger took the win. DDP came down during the match featuring Nash and Bagwell, he Diamond Cut the referee Lex Luger, and when Nash hit the Jackknife, Page used Luger's hand to make the three count.

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