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An eight-year veteran of Turner Network Television's World Championship Wrestling (WCW), Kimberly Page recently acquired the lead female role amid the genre's soap opera-like storyline.  Kimberly had reprised her television role as wife and manager of Diamond Dallas Page (DDP), following a three-year stint as dancer and director of the Nitro Girls. In a climactic moment during the April Pay-Per-View, the supportive, happily married Kimberly "turned heel" on DDP and is now dominating the cable airwaves with her ambitious, seductive and self-obsessed character.

Kim enjoys acting out roles in opposition to her real personality, however, describing herself as "shy, intellectual and introverted." After a brief career in advertising, she studied theater and dance as a means of trying to "come out of her shell” and come out she did, because she soon committed to a career change and jumped on the opportunity to put her creative energies to work for WCW.

As DDP's valet, Kimberly gained widespread notoriety for her exotic looks and lean physique, which led to several layouts in Playboy's Newsstand Specials, fitness magazine covers and editorial features in national publications. Appearing on the cover of TV Guide last year was "a big boost for my self-confidence; a few short years ago, you couldn't coax me in front of a camera to have my picture taken." This confidence allowed her to develop and refine her theatrical skills as well as public speaking skills; in addition to her live performances on prime-time WCW programs, she has appeared as a guest on such shows as Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee; Entertainment Tonight; Extra and Hollywood Squares.

Kimberly and her husband Dallas Page feel that they have a responsibility to use their widespread public recognition to try to make life better for others.  As such, they have made philanthropic activities a priority, particularly with their own grass-roots campaign to get children to "fall in love with reading."  By teaming up with Scholastic, the nation's largest manufacturer and distributor of classroom textbooks, Kimberly and Dallas raise money to help provide school libraries with a larger selection of reading material.

At home, Kimberly continues to study dance and, with DDP, spends time answering fan mail and updating their web site, www.DDPBang.com.

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