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David Arquette Interview
by Larry "Smokey" Genta
February 25, 2000

On April 12th Time Warner will release the full length feature movie "Ready to Rumble" just in time for Spring Break 2000. Although professional wrestling has made unbelievable strides in public appeal and main stream entertainment circles, "Rumble" is the first wrestling film of its type. The trailers are out and the movie has been tested with audiences and by all early indications "Ready To Rumble" is sure to be one of the years's most entertaining comedy films.

Boasting a cast of proven Hollywood stars like Oliver Platt, David Arquette, Scott Caan, Joey Pantiliano with appearances by John Goodman and Jack Palance, the story centers around the comeback of fictional wrestler Jimmy King (Oliver Platt). Arquette and Caan play two crazed wrestling fans that find the retired King and convince him to win back his title. The list of WCW stars features Diamond Dallas Page, Steve "Sting" Borden, Bill Goldberg as well as Bam Bam Bigelow and more. The movie was written by Stephen Brill (The Mighty Ducks) and directed by Brian Robbins (Varsity Blues). The executive producer was none other than Eric Bischoff.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with one of the film's co-stars and one of Hollywood's hottest stars of 2000, David Arquette. Mr. Arquette is currently enjoying the box office success of the third in the trilogy of the popular "Scream" series. He is seen often on talk shows and his entertaining 1-800-Call-ATT commercials have made him a familiar face. His real life wife Courtney Cox has again co-starred with him in Scream 3, and is known worldwide from her role in the hit TV series Friends.

David Arquette returned my call within hours after DDP and he spoke about doing an interview on www.DDPBang.com and he was anxious to answer questions about Ready to Rumble.

Smokey: Congratulations on the success of Scream 3, and right behind it comes Ready to Rumble in April. Sounds fun to be able to go from a horror movie to wrestling.

David Arquette: Thanks man, it really was. I had a blast doing Ready to Rumble.

Smokey: The world knows you come from a talented acting family, but was wrestling something that was on TV at the Arquette house growing up?

David Arquette: It really was. I'd watch it as a kid and actually went to a Wrestlemania when I was young. My dad (Actor Lewis Arquette) did some voice work on an animated Saturday morning TV series in the 80's that was a WWF project he did Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka's voice.

Smokey: That must have been pretty cool, but now here you are years later and you are involved in a film based on the wrestling business. One of the fans asked a question wondering how an actor like you hears about a movie like this?

David Arquette: When I first heard about Ready to Rumble I was committed to another project, but there had been a few problems that the studio was having and it eventually fell apart. At the same time I heard that the director Brian Robbins had thought about me for the part in his film. It worked out since I had suddenly became available and when I met Brian he told me that he really wanted me for this part and asked me to check it out. When that happens it's really awesome, since that's half the battle. When a director has the confidence in you, it makes it that much better.

Smokey: How far into the script were you before you decided that you wanted to do this film? Or were you pretty sure for the start?

David Arquette: Yea, before I really got too far into it and I heard that it was a movie about wrestling, and I was like, 'this is really cool'. But once I heard that it involved real wrestlers and WCWit was amazing, it was like, 'bring it overI can't wait!'

Smokey: We saw you ringside at Nitro a while back with your wife Courtney, and it seems that you both have been asked a lot about wrestling in your most recent talk show appearances. Another question from DDPBang.com wonders how is she taking to wrestling?

David Arquette: She really enjoys it, it's been a lot of fun for us both to be as close to it as we have been.

Smokey: Do you thinks stars like yourself and Oliver Platt look at a movies like this any differently since it does deal with a topic like wrestling?

David Arquette: Well, you know a topic like wrestling has the potential to be a lot of fun, and it was. But this it's a good script and a good story that is based in reality. These guys (Arquette and Caan) really believe in their hero Jimmy King. I think the fans and people that watch wrestling feel the same way. They embrace the characters and there is an element of true passion whenever they watch. Those elements add so much to the story.

Smokey: You've seen wrestlers through the years but how did your opinion change once you began working with them?

David Arquette: I did a lot of research and watched every special, documentary and interview that I could. I saw Beyond the Mat and with everything that I saw I became more and more familiar with the way their form of entertainment operates. The wrestling business centers on the most recent events and it really is fan based in every way. I saw that they respect their fans, they take the time to sign autographs. Most of them really care about their fans and appreciate the ones that follow every match.

Smokey: You have been around the entertainment business in most every capacity and have worked with an impressive list of actors. Knowing that you must have seen most every type of ego in Hollywood, how would you compare Hollywood egos to Wrestling egos?

David Arquette: The really are similar in many ways. There are people that are overly impressed with themselves and can be real jerks. That type of person that believes in his own hype is in all forms of entertainment and I guess some of the wrestlers are like that, but when you get to the point where its is too visible then it really has gone too far. The business will put you in your place eventually.

Smokey: We have seen some of Hollywood's biggest stars embrace wrestling, most notably Jay Leno and most recently Arnold Schwartzeneger made an appearance in the WWF. Since then, there seems to be more and more opportunities for wrestlers to try their hand at Hollywood. Who did you see that you believe can make the transition from the ring to Hollywood?

David Arquette: I was really impressed with a lot of the guys and I really think that many did make the transition successfully in this movie. I was impressed with Dallas' (DDP) ability to act and his commitment to realism was incredible. So many of these guys have to be able to develop and change characters in their work that many possess the talent to portray different roles.

Smokey: We are all looking forward to the release of the movie, and a fan was wondering if you plan to make other appearances at WCW events in conjunction with the movie?

David Arquette: I would love to take bumps! It was so much fun learning certain things, and I was so impressed with what they can do. I would love to get out there and be able to do it with these pros. It would be a dream come true to climb into the ring.