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Berlyn Interview
September 15, 1999

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by RichInKC

RichInKC:  If you wanted to explain Berlyn's attitude, how would you?

Berlyn: Berlyn is centered around being from the Old World Europe, where everything started.  He loves classical musical.  He is more cultured.  He is descended from a long line of wealthy lords.  He feels disdain for America.  He can speak English, but chooses not to waste his effort with such an ugly language and he will destroy everybody that crosses his path.

RichInKC:  Is there any one thing that prompted this desire for change?

Berlyn:  I think one of the big things is the realization that Alex Wright would never wrestle the top guys, the main event guys, because he wasn't taken seriously.  The dancing and the look were a big part of that.

RichInKC:   How do you think Berlyn has been received so far?

Berlyn:  Well, I think the character's first debut night was really great.  I had a great response from the crowd.  Every time I walk out I seem to get a great response.  People really seem to hate me.  Of course, that's what I want.  I like it.  The political side may be hard at times.  Dusty and Page have fought really hard for me to get a real good buildup.  When you get a new character, it should be given momentum to build or else you are wasting your time. 

RichInKC:  In this business, execution is everything.  The little touches make the difference.  Seeing you pull up, not in a limo, but in a German stretch Mercedes, stood out.

Berlyn: Yes, that was good.  It helped define the character and made him stand out. plus eyerybody knows, that nobody builds machines better than the germans.

RichInKC:  I understand that you have something of an entourage.  You travel with your interpreter, Frau Ludendorf, and a bodyguard.  I don't think his name has been given.

Berlyn:  No, it hasn't.

RichInKC:  Do you expect your entourage to grow?

Berlyn:  Not really.  I am happy with it now.  The entourage helps add to the importance of the character, but too many people would confuse things. 

RichInKC:  You were to have a Pay Per View match against Buff Bagwell, but Jim Duggan was substituted at the last minute.  What were your thoughts on that match?  Duggan didn't seem to be too cooperative and didn't seem to sell many of your moves.

Berlyn:  You said it yourself.  A lot of people probably saw it the same way.  It's always the same thing.  A young guy gets a push and, if he is lucky, the older guy is nice enough to help him out.  He sees the bigger picture.  I just think if you see the big picture, when you help a guy out now, the favor is returned next month or later down the road.  You always have to work together to be entertaining.  If you don't, it becomes like that match where it is more like a shoot, a struggle.  That reduces the quality of the match and the people do not get their money's worth.  I was frustrated by that.  They changed things at the last minute. Anyway, I felt it was too early for the match against Buff.  Why give the people what they want to see so soon?  Once you have a good angle like this started, you can build it over four, maybe even six weeks.  Then the people are ready to really want to see it.