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Buzz Stern and Luther Biggs
October 25, 1999
By RichInKC

RichInKC: Let's start off with the story of how you two first hooked up. How did you two meet?

Ray: Let me see, it was at the Power Plant, wasn't it?

Luther: Yeah, it was.

Ray: It's kind of odd, but it is a shoot that we really did meet down at the Power Plant. Luther, you went through the Plant when? Three years ago?

Luther: Yeah. I tried out in 1995 and started training there in January of 1996.

RichInKC: Now, Ray, you had been at the Power Plant before you got involved in the Blood Runs Cold angle as Glacier, right?

Ray: I had been training there, but I actually started wrestling back in 1987. I was introduced to wrestling by Fred Avery, who a lot of people may remember as a wrestler in the late 80s in WCW. After he initially got me started, my tag team partner R.D. Swain, a guy I played football with in college, and I wrestled as the Blazers for eight years. After we got started with Fred, the wrestling veteran Ted Oates took us under his wing. After that, we started working with Mr. Wrestling II a lot. From there, we moved on to Atlanta.

RichInKC: Whatís your story, Luther? How did you get started?

Luther: Oh boy, you know, I was the guy who knocked around in wrestling for many years on and off. Probably back in '87, I was on Spring Break from Georgia Southern and was watching a wrestling show when I saw a commercial for the Global Wrestling Academy with Bob Roop, Rusty Brooks, and Boris Malenko as the trainers. I went back to school and played football for a while. I had always wanted to wrestle and I began to get sick of getting kicked around on the football field. As soon as school was over, I headed down there and began to learn to wrestle. I have been in and out of the business ever since. It was actually in 1995 that I decided I really needed to get serious about this. I had to either really learn how to work or get out of it. With that in mind, I tried out at the Power Plant.