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RichInKC: Tell me a little about your current angle. Ray, you are working as a new character for you who goes by the name Buzz Stern. What inspired this character?

Ray: The funny part about the whole thing is that this is the gimmick I pitched to WCW before the whole Blood Runs Cold thing began. I taught elementary and middle school over a span of seven years. I started in '87 when I got out of college and I taught in Valdosta, Georgia. All the coaches that I remember from my high school and college days usually had characteristics and quirks that stood out. When I went to Valdosta I found a lot of really good coaches with great reputations for their mannerisms as well as their coaching ability. What I did was take a lot of the characteristics from what I considered were the most entertaining coaches that I had met and put it all together. This gave me a conglomeration of a good stereotypical coach. A lot of my friends point to Coach Buzz Cut on Beavis and Butthead when they see my new gimmick. I never really watched that show until my friends pointed that out. I took a little from that character, but most of it is from coaches I remember as a kid or from coaches that I worked beside. I have added some other coaches I respect, like Bobby Knight and Lombardi. I borrowed some of their mannerisms. They were feared for their tenaciousness and their drive to win, so it seems appropriate in this business.

RichInKC: Luther, how do you see your character working with Buzz?

Luther: Well, he is a bit more down to earth. The character is a lot like me. It's not that much of a stretch. What I am trying to stand for, the message I am trying to get across is to be an example, a beacon of light for big men everywhere. People look at guys like me with a little extra weight, just a little heavy, and they dismiss us. They look at us like a non-athlete. If a guy has a little gut on him, or even a big one, they think right away that he can never make it. Legitimately, I made it through the Power Plant tryout month in and month out. I watched all kinds of ripped, shredded body builders and other guys who called themselves athletes fall out and drop to the floor. They were amazed that a guy of my build could make it through. That's what I am trying to bring out, don't dismiss me, or dismiss any of us, just because we are big.