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An Interview With Diamond Dallas Page
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Date: April 5, 1997
by RichInKC

Rich: Kim, letís talk about what it is like to be a couple in this business. We all know the travel schedule is hell, and it canít be easy to watch the man you love get hit on a regular basis. How do the two of you handle this?

Kim: Youíre right. This business can be very hard on a relationship. I have seen it as a woman who stays home when her husband is on the road, and as one who travels by his side. We get lonely when we are apart, but we are very communicative and talk on the phone at least twice a day. If I am watching a live show, I immediately send him a text message on his beeper to let him know what I thought.

Often times, he comes home with two or three ice bags strapped around his shoulders, knee, back, and I think to myself "Boy, Page sure does pay a price every night to keep doing what he loves in the ring."

Page: I know she wishes that sometimes I would slow down, but she knows I only have two speeds : Stop and Maximum Overdrive.

Kim: That's the truth and one of the advantages of being Mrs. DDP. (Wink) Now it looks like I will be on the road with him for Nitros , PPVs and TV tapings. This will mean a lot of travel together, not including personal appearances.

DDP: Yeah, like we're going to be in Charlotte on Friday April 11th at 10am when they sell tickets for Slamboree. (May 18th)

Kim: There's my walking billboard.