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An Interview With Diamond Dallas Page
The One That Started It All
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Date: September 1, 1996
by RichInKC

Rich: How did you get started in the business? I know that is a real mark question, but I don't think we've ever talked about it.

DDP: Basically, I started when I was 20. I didn't really learn anything. I had three or four matches, then I got sidetracked in the nightclub business. I hurt my knee real bad and I was out of wrestling for awhile. I got restless while running a nightclub in Florida, so I decided to try the manager gig. I put together a couple of guys who wanted a run in the business...

Rich: Anyone we might know?

DDP: Nah...none of them really amounted to anything until I ran into Pat and Paul.

Rich: Pat and Paul?

DDP: Pat Tanaka and Paul Diamond. They were Bad company in the AWA. I hooked up with them and hit the AWA as a manager. That's when I really broke into the business. People kept asking me when I was gonna wrestle, but I wasn't into it. I was part owner of a club in Florida called Norma Jeans and I didn't have the burning desire to get into the ring full time.

Rich: What brought you to WCW?

DDP: I spent some time with Florida Championship wrestling while I was doing the AWA gig. I got a chance to do some color commentary with Gordon Solie, and my interest in wrestling began to grow a lot and I started thinking about doing it full time.

Rich: You were a commentator?

DDP: Yeah, I sent a tape up to WCW back then. They brought me up for a tryout as a color commentator, it didn't pan out the first time. Then when Dusty Rhodes came back to WCW and took over, he liked my rap, my look, the whole deal, and he brought me up for the syndicated version of the WCW Pro show. I managed the Freebirds and later brought in Scott Hall.