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Ted Dibiase, The Million Dollar Man
Date: August 27, 1997
by RichInKC

RichInKC: Ted, I would like to thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule to tell us about your latest project. You seem very excited about it. What can you tell us?

Ted: The truth of the matter is, I have written a book. The book is basically my autobiography. Having been the Million Dollar Man for so long, I didn't think there was any other title I could give it other than "Every Man Has His Price: The True Story of Wrestling's Million Dollar Man"

RichInKC: Now, despite the title, am I correct to assume it covers your life before and after your Million Dollar days?

Ted: Exactly. This book tells the story of a boy growing up in the wrestling world, being the son of a professional wrestler and then following in his father's footsteps wishing to become as much like his father as possible. It speaks of the hardships, the grueling schedules, and the many aspects of the wrestling business that the average fan never sees or hears about.

RichInKC: What kind of things can we expect to find in this book? Perhaps the story of the birth of the Million Dollar Man?

Ted: There's a chapter in the book that deals with the creation of the Million Dollar Man. When I sit down and tell someone this story, they sit there with their mouth wide open like I am telling them a fairy tale. It truly was a dream come true.