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Disco Inferno
April 27, 1997
by RichInKC

I met Disco Inferno (Glen) at the Nitro event in Knoxville, Tennessee. His sense of humor and great attitude are evident whenever you see him. He is probably one of the hardest working guys in the business, in and out of the ring.

He is also a true student of the sport of wrestling...and sports in general. He can discuss classic Ric Flair and Terry funk matches as easily as he can debate the finer points of Super Bowl X. Glen has since left WCW to pursue other opportunities..he talks about that, and more...

Glen: Disco here

RichInKC: Hey Glen. How are ya?

Glen: slim in the waist and cute in the face

RichInKC: LOL.

Glen: do you want to do the interview now?

RichInKC: Works for me. I have an appointment in a half-hour, but I am free until then.

Glen: let's go

RichInKC: OK...I will take the interview verbatim from what we do here. If you want anything of the record, just let me know when you type it.

Glen: cool

RichInKC: First Question and probably the hardest...everyone I run into wants to know how the Disco Inferno is doing...so, how are ya?

Glen: I'm probably in the best shape of my career. I've been hitting the gym twice a day and spending a lot of free time in the sun.

RichInKC: I know you just became the World Champ of a well recognized independent fed (MEWF), any other things happening career wise?

Glen: Right now I'm just working indies, mostly up northeast. I didn't realize how much coverage these shows get, because I understand Richards got some heat for losing to me. I thought that a lot of heat he got was kind of uncool because, here I am coming off TV wrestling in front of 10,000,000 people and they are worried about him losing in front of 500 people...