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Disco Inferno
April 27, 1997
by RichInKC

RichInKC: LOL...good point.

Glen: All my points are good.......Just kidding....

RichInKC: So...feel like talking about your departure from WCW?

Glen: Sure,specifically what do you want to know

RichInKC: OK, you had just gotten Uncle Guido's leg hold mastered and seemed ready to move up in WCW...one night at Nitro...apparently there was a disagreement. Rumors are rampant...what happened?

Glen: Mgmt wanted me to wrestle Jacqueline on a pay per view. Now here I am, just starting to heat up my leg hold angle, or so I thought, and then I'm told that my gimmick has gone as far as it could go on the card- meaning first or second match- and that my dancing was not believable. Well, I look at that as like we need some goofball whose not over, his gimmicks no good, and since HE'S not believable lets let him wrestle a girl. How much sense does that make? A 225 lb. guy against a 125 lb. girl.

RichInKC: So...was it management or someone in particular? If you don't want to say, I understand...

Glen: I was just looking out for my future since I only had 4 months left on my deal, I told them I couldn't do it and then I was told I was in breach of contract for not doing what I was told by Eric.

RichInKC: Interesting. The rumor mill was naming Kevin Sullivan.

Glen: It might have been. Hell, he never did anything with me while I was there. It's funny, too, because Kevin is such a funny and entertaining guy who was pretty cool company. But from a business standpoint he never really did anything for me. And honestly, I don't have any hard feelings about the situation.

I look forward to being in this business for a long time so these four months are going to be forgotten in the long run. I'm just glad I got out when I did. But I do appreciate Eric giving me my first shot and giving me an opportunity to make a name in this sport