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Bill Goldberg
January 28, 1998
by RichInKC

In his first interview ever, Bill Goldberg talks to RichInKC and the Union Of The Diamond Cutters.

RichInKC: Well, I have one topic I keep hearing about all over the Internet. I figure I will start off with this and, if you don't kill me, move on to other questions. I hear people say all the time that you are some kind of knockoff of Steve Austin or Ken Shamrock, how would you address that?

Goldberg: Is either of them way over 240 lb? Has either of them played in the NFL? That will answer your question. That is where I develop my character. I developed my character since birth. Ask Dallas Page, Eric Bischoff, or anyone else about one reason why they wanted me to wrestle, they wanted me because I am the walking gimmick. I am what you see. What you see is what you get, I have no reason to copy anyone. To say anything else is B.S.

RichInKC: Tell us about your pre-wrestling life? We know you played football at the University of Georgia and professionally for the Falcons what else is there to Goldberg's past?

Goldberg: I studied martial arts on and off ever since college. I kind of do it as a hobby. An injury got me out of football. I sat around for a couple years trying to figure out what to do. Lex and guys I have known for years encouraged me to try wrestling and it seemed a great way to showcase my athleticism and aggression.

RichInKC: We have heard rumors about some kind of tough man or shootfight division in WCW. Would that hold an interest for you?

Goldberg: Undoubtedly since it would have the toughest guys in and out of WCW. If there is anyone out there thinking they are the true toughman of the WCW, then hell yea I want a piece of that division.

RichInKC: Who are some of your influences, in wrestling and sports in general?

Goldberg: My brother played for the Raiders for a short time, so I took to the Raiders philosophy. I was influences by guys like John Matusek and Lyle Alzado a nuts big guy who didn't give a damn, but intelligent enough to know the difference between right and wrong. To say I emulate either of those guys is insane, but to say I emulate the Raider's persona is a fact.