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Bill Goldberg
January 28, 1998
by RichInKC

RichInKC: Now, lately there seems to have been some repetition in your moves and some of your critics are calling you a one-move wrestler. Why the repetition of the Spear move and the Jackhammer and will we see more from Goldberg in the near future?

Goldberg: First of all, that's two moves. Second of all, did you watch Nitro last night. Third of all, why give everybody everything you got right away and shoot your wad all at once. If I am getting over with two moves, why do more? Not that I don't have more, but why waste it? I have another move called the Corkscrew that will stun everyone. I would tell you more, but what people don't know will hurt them.

RichInKC: OK. I gotta ask of all the people to try to take out to try to make a rep, why Mongo? What makes you want to go after him, of all people in WCW?

Goldberg: There comes a time when there is a new sheriff in town you're talking to him. I don't want everyone to think that there is only one ex-football player in wrestling. I don't use my football career as a crutch to get a wrestling career. I could care less about the football, now wrestling is my thing. I respect the guy as a football player, he was all-pro, but I am going to prove to him that this is my arena. I don't care what he has done in the past.

RichInKC: You are pretty new to the sport, how have you been treated so far, and who have you made friends with in WCW?

Goldberg: Ya know, there are a bunch of good guys here Lex, Sting, Hall, Norton, Bagwell, Page. Everyone has really helped me. Obviously, there are some people who will rub you the wrong way because I am getting such a push in such a short time, but that comes with the territory. I might feel the same way in their position. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, until they screw with me. Meng and the Barbarian are two of the nicest guys in the world. It is really strange how people perceive some of these guys, and myself included.