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Handsome Harley Race
April 29, 1998
by RichInKC

RichInKC: Thanks for taking time to talk with us in the Diamond Mine. You've been a part of the sport of professional wrestling for decades. When did you get your first start in professional wrestling?

Harley Race: I started in 1959 in St. Joe, Missouri with Gus Karras.

RichInKC: How old were you when you stepped into the ring for the first time?

Harley Race: 15

RichInKC: 15? Wow. What federations have you worked in? You have pretty much had a career that has spanned the globe.

Harley Race: Well, I've wrestled in about every country, except Red China and Russia, and I have been in all the major federations and a few of the minors ones. I've been around for awhile.

RichInKC: What would your say your favorite time was in the sport of wrestling? Is there any time, country, or federation that you particularly enjoyed?

Harley Race: My favorite period in my career was, of course, the times when I was World's Heavyweight Champion. It's kind of hard to differentiate from which one of those was the best. I suppose the first one would probably be the best. My favorite country, as far as wrestling, would have to be Japan. I have been there sixty five times. My favorite country as far as sightseeing and observing what is going on in a country is New Zealand.

RichInKC: What makes New Zealand stand out to you?

Harley Race: It's just a gorgeous, gorgeous country. It's like being in Maine or somewhere around here (Kansas City) back around fifty years ago.