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Handsome Harley Race
April 29, 1998
by RichInKC

RichInKC: You told me a story about your seventh title reign in Japan, and an honor you were awarded, could you share that story with us?

Harley Race: Yes. When a samurai swordsman won his seventh battle in the mythical days of Japan, he was declared a god. When I won the World's Title for the seventh time, I was declared God of Wrestling in three of the major newspapers throughout Japan.

RichInKC: Apparently, the Japanese media covers wrestling in a lot more detail than a lot of our American media.

Harley Race: Everything that happens in Japan wrestling-wise is covered like a major event. If you had a professional football team in your city, it would be covered exactly the same.

RichInKC: You have not been active in the sport for a little while. What have you been doing to keep yourself busy?

Harley Race: Right now, I do a little bounty hunting. I do a little process serving, just some things to keep me up and moving around instead of sitting here and getting all stiff.

RichInKC: I understand you have a video tape series coming out.

Harley Race: Yes I do. As a matter of fact, the video about myself will be coming out this week. I will be debuting the week of April 12th at a national card signing in the Antioch Mall in Kansas City. There's three of them out so far, but the one about me just came out.

RichInKC: What are the other tapes that you have out?

Harley Race: One is Helloooo Wrestling Fans with our announcer, myself, Bob Giegel, Bulldog Bob Brown, Mike George and Bill Kirkson.

RichInKC: You showed me some of the first tape in the series, and I was quite impressed with it. How can people find out more about this video tape series?

Harley Race: They can contact Evergreen Video at (816) 374-5828. Their address is:

Evergreen Video
P.O. Box 2304
Lee's Summit, Missouri 64063-7304