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An Interview With Johnny The Bull

Much has been written over the years about the differences in the way that the "big two" in the world of professional wrestling cultivate talent. There are stereotypes that both WWF and WCW have been saddled with that often times are based more in the imagination and perception rather that fact or reality.

One of the anvils that is placed on the back of World Championship Wrestling is the notion that a young guy in the business has "no chance" making it big in Atlanta. But the truth of the matter is that "Championship" teams have always seemed to have a blend of veterans and up and comers. In the sports world that is wider than the one Jim McKay knew, even rookies have stepped up to score points and ratings.

The Internet Sites continue to bash WCW while in fact if you look close enough there is a renewed effort to give lesser-known wrestlers a chance to be seen. One of those guys who is both a rookie and a star with a bright future is Johnny the Bull, who along with Big Vito makes up the Tag-Team of "The Mamalukes". I got the chance to talk to Johnny just as he was leaving on the WCW tour of Germany. He was wearing the strap of the Tag-team champions and was feeling good about his spot. I took questions from readers and asked a few more myself but Johnny The Bull was easy to talk to you and more than accommodating to answer whatever I threw his way.

Smokey: Johnny, before we get into this interview I want to ask the question that surfaced as a result of an Internet posting weeks ago. There was something written to the effect that DDP "stole" an interview opportunity from you, and that Page had heat with some of the guys because of it. What happened?

Johnny The Bull: Absolutely not. I don't know where that stuff comes from. It never happened and I don't have any idea what they could have been talking about. Page has done nothing but help me since I got in to wrestling. In fact before I went to the camp when I was just thinking about it. He told me that he would keep and I on me and when the time was right he'd do his best to help me. A lot of people in WCW have helped me but Page is one of the guys who took an interest in me really early. A lot of the guys know that Page has helped other guys and when I would see him in the Gym or wherever he'd talk to me. Other guys in his spot don't do that as much. One of those times was when I first met you with Page.

Smokey: That was last year sometime…

Johnny The Bull: yea I was in camp (The Power Plant) and I would see Page there sometimes but that time Page approached me to see how things were going and asked me if I had thought about a gimmick. He told me he thought I should to start watching all the wise guy movies again. Around the same time Paul Orndorf (who runs The Plant) and Sarge had told me that I needed to start thinking about it. I remember Page telling me to get comfortable with the way the wise guys walked and talked.