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Rena Mero Interview
September 12, 1999

by RichInKC

Rena Mero, The Artist Formerly Known As Sable, has been the subject of much discussion on the Internet over the past few months.  While many people have said many things about her, little on the Net has actually come from the woman herself.  The woman who has graced the pages of Playboy, WOW, and TV Guide talks to RichInKC about life after wrestling.

RichInKC: Welcome to our little part of the Internet.  Thanks for taking the time to talk to the gang at the Diamond Mine.

Rena Mero: I'm happy to be here.

RichInKC: The first thing I would like to talk about is your first exposure to the wrestling business, which would be meeting your husband Marc Mero in a bar.

Rena Mero: Actually, it wasn't a bar, it was a restaurant in Jacksonville called Quincys.  The story gets told so many times that it gets changed some.  We were at a restaurant and I was with some of my girlfriends.  He came in with Marcus Bagwell and Dallas Page.  They always used to tease each other and it was Marc who was interested in what he saw in me, so he wrote a little note to me.  He had the waitress bring it over.  It said, "Do you like me?  Yes or no?"  To me, that was very refreshing.  It showed me that he had a great sense of humor and didn't take himself too seriously.  So I wrote, "Maybe" on it and sent the napkin back, but I made him wait about twenty minutes.

RichInKC: I can imagine what was going through Marc's head during those twenty minutes.

Rena Mero: Well, of course they gave him a hard time because they thought I had blown him off. 

RichInKC: Had you watched wrestling before then?  Were you aware of what Marc was doing?

Rena Mero:  I recognized the three of them but I couldn't place them.  I didn't know exactly where I knew them from.  Of course, their physical appearance made me think it was football or wrestling, but I just couldn't place it.

RichInKC: I guess it is safe to say that Marc wasn't wearing his Johnny B Badd feather boa then.

Rena Mero:   He wasn't wearing it, but it was definitely close by.

RichInKC: How long have you two been married?

Rena Mero: We've been married now for over five years, but we have known each other since 1991.

RichInKC: Had you traveled with him while he was working with WCW?

Rena Mero: Yes I did.

RichInKC: It's kind of a hard life to be on the road together, isn't it?

Rena Mero: It wasn't hard for us because we were always together.  We're together seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day again.  I think you have to find that one person that you enjoy spending your time with where you can be together doing absolutely nothing or doing the most exciting thing in the world and still be just as happy.  It's all about finding that one person you are that compatible with.