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Rena Mero Interview
September 12, 1999
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by RichInKC

RichInKC: One of the fun things about the wrestling business is that it gives people the opportunity to go places and see things they ordinarily wouldn't take the time to do.  What things have you done in your travels that stand out in your mind?  What were some of your favorite places to go?

Rena Mero: Unfortunately, being on the road in the wrestling industry, you don't get a lot of time to enjoy the places that you do visit.  I would have to say that South Africa was probably by far one of my favorite countries to visit.  We took safaris and went to lost cities.  We actually had some time off there so we could enjoy it.  There are so many fabulous places we've seen.  Just having the opportunity to be able to travel around the world has been something I would ordinarily not have had the opportunity to do.  It has been a blessing in many ways. 

RichInKC: What was the time in your career that you realized you were becoming popular?  I talk to a lot of people and many of them have one moment that stands out as when they began to realize just how many people enjoy their work.

Rena Mero: It first happened to me when I won my Slammy Awards for "Miss Slammy" and "Dressed To Kill".  After that, the popularity of Sable just kind of skyrocketed.  It catapulted her to a different level of her career.  I have to say it's all because of the fans.  They make you who you are and they determine how popular you are going to become.

RichInKC: Have you had the opportunity to interact with your fans, over the web or at autograph signings and appearances?

Rena Mero: Oh, absolutely.  I still do quite a few personal appearances and that's one of the best parts of my job.  It gives me the opportunity to meet the fans, or my friends, one and one.  I get to know who they are, and they give me a lot of feedback about what they think about what is going on and they are very interested in what I am doing.  On my website, we have chats and I also answer mail. 

RichInKC: This sounds like a good cue for a plug.  What's your website address?

Rena Mero:. It's http://www.renamero.com

RichInKC:  I understand you have several projects in the works.

Rena Mero:. Yes, I do!  I just signed my first major motion picture and we will start filming that in January.  I've very excited about this movie.  It will be fantastic.  It's an action/thriller with romantic overtones.  It's just going to be a very suspenseful movie with a lot of drama and action.  The title of the movie is Doppelganger 224.  I am very excited about that.  I'm also working on a few different projects for television series.  I have several options I am looking at right now and I am just trying to figure out which one would be best.  I'm working with my friend Gene Simmons from Kiss on a television project and a motion picture that he would like me to work with him on.  The Red Sonja, the Heavy Metal, and a few other television projects are open to me now.  I am doing quite a few product endorsements, one of which is the Ab Pad.  I am also working on a nutritional supplements line.  I'm working on a fragrance and a skin care line, as well. 

RichInKC: If you thought you were busy before, it sounds like you have a lot going on right now.

Rena Mero:. Oh, I am extremely busy now, but now the difference is I am doing what I enjoy doing.  These are all my own projects and we have opened up our own production company called Rena Productions.  My husband is my business manager now and he is totally handling my career and making things happen for me.  With him, my agent, and my publicist things are really going extremely well.