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Steve Keirn
Date: September 8, 1997
by RichInKC

RichInKC: Steve, I'd like to thank you for joining us here in the Diamond Mine.

Steve: Glad to.

RichInKC: Many fans may not recognize you by your real name. Can you tell us what names you have used that will ring a bell?

Steve: Well, I started off wrestling as one half of the Fabulous Ones. I was also the second Doink. Matt Borne was the first one, then me. After me, there was Steve Lombardi and a guy named Ray something. Those two probably got the gig because they fit the suit. After that, I was known as Skinner in the WWF.

RichInKC: Do you still wrestle now?

Steve: I still hit the local independent circuit. I wrestled in Gainesville, Florida just the other day. You will usually see me on the card by my name, Steve Keirn, but I also work as Skinner and sometimes Doink.

RichInKC: What do you do when you are not wrestling?

Steve: I am part owner of a Gold's Gym in Tampa, Florida with one of the Killer Bees, B. Brian Blair. That keeps both of us pretty busy, but it is working very well for both of us.