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Rob Vam Dam - The Whole F'N Interview
November 10, 1999
by RichInKC

While working in Los Angeles on the WCW movie, Diamond Dallas Page ran into one of the most exciting young stars in professional wrestling today. Rob Van Dam of ECW stopped by the set to visit some friends. Page and Rob met for the first time. RVD and DDP both have a strong online presence and we thought this would be a great opportunity to get to know more about the Whole F'N Show.

RichInKC: Thanks for joining us today, Rob.

RVD: No problem.

RichInKC: You have the distinction of being the first non-WCW personality to appear with us. Once again, you are breaking new ground.

RVD: Well, that's wonderful. Once again, I am crossing the line.

RichInKC: Hey, there are plenty of lines to cross in this business.

RVD: I'm used to it.

RichInKC: Let's start off at the beginning. How did you get started in professional wrestling?

RVD: I got started in a very traditional way. I went to the Original Sheik in Michigan and he trained me in his school back in 1989. The Original Sheik trained me and that is where I met his nephew, Sabu. No matter how long I am in this business, the Sheik will always be the guy that brought me in.

RichInKC: When you completed your training at the Sheik's school, where did you first start wrestling?

RVD: I had my first match sometime in 1990. I don't remember exactly when it was, but I know it was in Toledo, Ohio. The first territory I ever worked was Memphis, Tennessee and that was in '91. When I say the first territory, I mean that was the first experience I had being able to work a loop every week. Every Monday, we were in Memphis. Every Tuesday, Louisville. Every Wednesday, we were in Evansville.

Before that, I had been working about a year and only had a dozen matches, so I was lucky to get a match a month on average in my first year. Those matches were throughout Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and a little bit in Indiana. After USWA, I caught my first little bit of exposure and my first shot at getting my mug in Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Pretty soon, bookers are interested in me and I am traveling and working regularly.