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An Interview With Big Vito

Big Vito and Johnny the Bull are a pair of "Piasans" with passion. The current WCW Tag-team Champions currently known as the Mamalukes are giving the tag-team division a much need foundation to build on. After talking to them the future seemed brighter for WCW since they both seem to have the same agenda…to work hard and then a little harder to please the fans. These guys are having fun and starting to get a fan base in the midst of World Championship Wrestling's most troubled times. This interview was conducted while "The Piasans" traveled the south as a couple of guys from "up north" who were wearing the Tag Championship belts.

Part One will feature Big Vito Lograsso whose emergence in WCW has been a successful transition from his most recent action in ECW. While the roster is still shifting at World Championship Wrestling, Big Vito has taken Johnny the Bull under his wing and together The Mamalukes are flying high.

Smokey: Vito, I thought I'd start with the 'shoot' question that was by far the one that most fans wanted to ask. Are you questioning your decision to leave ECW to come to WCW in light of the recent backroom turmoil?

Big Vito: No not at all. I enjoyed my time in ECW and I think that it was a positive experience for both ECW and myself. I worked hard there, and have nothing but good to say about my time there but for me, and most guys… I looked forward to the exposure that is provided here.

Smokey: Which leads to another question that comes from our readers, do most guys look at ECW as a stepping stone to the next level?

Big Vito: I don't know about other guys, but there are obvious advantages for us as performers and as wrestlers working for company that has more TV time, more national exposure and established merchandising nationwide. ECW has made great progress in all of those areas and will get better but being with WCW was in mine and my families' best interest. I'm happy with my decision. None of the companies is a stepping stone for another; they all offer different opportunities

Smokey: Were you brought to WCW to reconstruct a gimmick that would resemble ECW's Baldies?

Big Vito: No that wasn't really brought up, but my character is not really a gimmick. I am 100% Italian and from Bensonhurst, I wear leather and black jeans. It's just being me. From when I was kid I hung out in the coffee shops and watched my father walk to the social clubs. Going to the Italian feasts and festivals and knowing everybody in the neighborhood. The streets are what they are, and I think people who grew up in other neighborhoods like mine in other big cities can relate.