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Added 1/17/00

kim011200.rm : Mean Gene interviews Kimberly on Thunder about Bagwell and Page. (300 KB)

Added 1/12/00

thunder1aud.rm : The women love Bagwell, but so do the guys. (27 KB)

thunder2aud.rm : If Page wasn't married to Kim, Buff would put his stuff all over her. (37 KB)

thunder3aud.rm : Buff's stuff ain't big enough. (19 KB)

pagebuffaud.rm : The entire DDP/Bagwell confrontation from Monday Nitro, 1/10/00 (685 KB)

benmomaud.rm : DDP makes a touching tribute to Chris Benoit's mother at Road Wild 1999

14time.rm : Fourteen times is the number of times you took your hand and smacked it on my butt. - Kimberly

cantsuck.rm : I can't possibly suck. I'm not from Las Vegas. - DDP

good-bad.rm : When Page does it, it's a good, good thing... - Kimberly

hateme.rm : The Internet helped me immensely because it let me know what the fans were thinking... - DDP

loveme.rm - You love me, you hate me, you'll never forget me... - DDP

love-hate.rm : You see, Nature Boy. I love her, I hate you, and after tonight you are never going to forget me. - DDP

mansjob.rm : Either way, a boy is sent to do a man's job. - DDP

tramp.rm : Macho, don't forget to bring your little bimbo, Liz because since I'm bringing the lady, you might as well bring the tramp. - DDP

net.rm : The most important thing about the Internet... - DDP

realworld.rm : 25%

spankit.rm : Nature Boy, you're in a hotel room with this and all you can think about is spanking it? - DDP

spankit2.rm : You like to spank it, don't ya, Nature Boy? - DDP

truth.rm : You want the truth? You can't handle the truth! - DDP

warmup.rm : I consider a 14 time spanking, just a little warmup. - Kimberly

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