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My life with Gram and other realities

My early life may have been an indication of what was ahead.it was the beginning of 'The yo-yo'. During my early childhood I bounced from house to house, and family to family.

I don't remember a great deal about being a little kid, but the one thing that stands out is that I loved to lay in front of the TV, and
watch wrestling. I watched my hero's on TV. Everywhere I went, no matter where I was, they were there.

I wanted to be like them. I wanted to be a wrestler.

Perhaps the one vivid memory I have is when I was eight years old. That's when my father dropped me off at my grandmother's house. I'm sure he dropped me off other times, I just don't remember them.

The story of Diamond Dallas Page began before that day, when at the tender age of eight, Page Falkinburg went to live with his grandmother and the brother and sister that he never knew.

'Little Page' was a child born to two children. That is, his father Page and mother Sylvia were high school sweethearts, discovering fast cars, backseat love and parenthood before they found out about adulthood. The times were different then; young couples struggled without relying on marriage counselors or government agencies. Licensed day care wasn't available. Birth control was more of a mathematical equation, than a part of our culture. Divorce was taboo, especially in the blue-collar beach resorts of the shores of New Jersey. Often, young couples would reconcile their differences, and attempt to solidify their union by adding responsibility.

And having more children.

A year after Page Jr. was born, came a second son, Rory. And then a little more than one year later a baby girl, Sally. Those three years were rocky, with fights, break-ups, and many nights waiting for daddy to come home. When he wasn't working hard, he was playing harder. Life for Page Sr. centered around excessive hours of work and the games he was playing. and if was summertime, he preferred to play those games away from home.

'Page One' and Sylvia were parents three times before this young mother reached age 21, and were separated and divorced during Sylvia's final pregnancy. There had been plenty of 'fresh starts' for the young family, and a couple changes in scenery. As the children came, and the responsibility mounted the pressures magnified. Kids were shuffled from grandparents, and family friends during the good times as well as the bad.