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Here is our Mick Foley story, I know it is from Chapter 11, which we
already did, but hey, it's a great story.


Mick Foley
Cactus Jack

We always found ways to mess with the younger guys, or the ones with little road experience. Page made that even more fun, because of his many quirks and his intensity. We were just three guys trying to find a break to move up the ladder. Our goal at the time, like the majority of the guys in the business was to get to '156' .

It's hard to imagine these days "Stone Cold", "DDP" and "Mankind" splitting a $40 Days Inn Motel room, but Steve and I had the beds and Page had a fold out cot. That went with the territory, low man on the card had the least of the 'perks'. Steve was the top earner between the three of us and probably was the closest to '156', Page was probably about half of that, and I was somewhere in the middle. We had only the security of one-year deals, and knew that a lot of guys never got close to that 'magic number'.

We had just started a 7-day road trip just after Page had started wrestling and Steve Austin; Page and I were sharing the ride and the room. We had been frequent traveling partners and Steve and I would bet on how many days it would take to 'break' Page and get him to lose his temper.

We would hide the towels when we knew he wanted to take a shower and force him to call the front desk. We would then hi-jack the towels in route forcing another call, then another.until we would have Page drying off with wash cloths and hand towels. We would sit on the bed while he would stand there naked.dripping wet and screaming at the hotel operator. We'd do this in two or three different towns, making him believe he was 'jinxed' until we would find another way to crawl under his skin.

We had him so mad that he had flipped out and had threatened to throw me off of a second story balcony once.

Well of course it never came to that because I seized the opportunity to rib him again when I said, 'Don't worry Dallas, if I don't make it the first time I just throw myself over like you did in that match with the 'Z-man'". That incident had happened over a year prior to that while Page had been a manager, and he had ridiculously 'oversold' a bump when he was to have flipped over the ropes in that match. It had become a long-running rib, and we used every opportunity to remind him about it.

That same trip we had gotten a huge plate of chocolate chip cookies given to us by a fan. Page had been out and by the time he had got home I had lined his entire cot with the cookies between the mattress and the sheets. Steve and I were in bed, faking sleep and waiting for Page to stroll across the room to get into bed.

Now, I must tell the world that Page is far from modest. In fact it was not unusual to see him nude, except for his ice bags rigged to various place just 'hanging out' around the room.

So of course he slept nude, so when he got into bed, we could hear him trying to get settled in while we could hear the sound of cookies crumbling. In the dark of the room he yelled,

"Which one of you motherf**kers, put the f**king cookies, in my f**king bed"

I was so laughing hard without a sound that he could see me shaking in the bed from holding in the laughter. In a rage he gathered up a handful of the crumbled cookies, threw back the sheets, spread the cookies over me, and then sat on me to grind the cookies on me. While he was jumping on me he continued to scream 'How do you f**king like it!" over and over again. I calmly said 'Page I can 'deal' with the cookies, but your naked a$$ is really going to cause you a problem'.